post-1 Seed Labs co-founders Ahmad Jawaid, Zabi Mohebzada, Rabeel Jawaid, and Yameen Malik (Seed Labs)

We’re excited to announce that Seed Labs has raised $6.4 million at a $50 million valuation for its trading app that allows users to trade derivatives without needing a brokerage or clearing house and removes counterparty risk. We have an all-star team of backers from 9 different countries, including institutional liquidity providers, Alameda Research, Kronos Research, LedgerPrime and others that collectively trade 28B+/day. They will be supporting us in building a highly liquid and easily accessible derivatives exchange.

At launch, the platform will primarily be a Perpetual Swap Trading Exchange. On a technical level, any trade pair from any asset class can be offered — from commodities, equities, digital assets to pre-IPO stocks. Right now our target markets are Europe and the Asia Pacific Region. The derivatives exchange is expected to launch in Q3 of this year and is currently undergoing the first round of technical security and penetration testing audits.

Firefly Preview of the Exchange

About the Team

Seed Labs was co-founded a year ago by Yameen Malik, Rabeel Jawaid, Zabi Mohebzada, and Ahmad Jawaid. Yameen Malik was the Gold Medalist at NUCES-FAST in 2017, has over 6 publications in AI, and previously worked at Symantec as a Software Engineer. Rabeel Jawaid has a background in Physics and completed three degrees concurrently from the University of Pennsylvania and co-founded Seed Labs right after graduating. Zabi Mohebzada has a background in biological sciences and graduated from the University of Western Ontario before co-founding Seed Labs. Ahmad Jawaid graduated from UC Berkeley and worked as a Software Engineer in Silicon Valley before joining Seed Labs. Of the 24 team members, 18 are based in Karachi and six are distributed across Sydney, Toronto, Washington DC, Novi Sad, New York and San Francisco.

The product is not available for use by US Persons or residents of any country or jurisdiction subject to US sanctions.

If you’re interested in joining us, please head over to our careers page!

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